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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  March 18, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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as c-span podcast. >> on the next "washington journal,", mario linna -- maria on immigration policy. and new york times reporter edward wyatt discusses how the federal communications 9 billion uses a dollars fund to ensure that telephone and broadband services are available everywhere in the u.s.. "washington journal" live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> a more private first lady come elizabeth munro refused to
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makinge the tradition of political visits to washington. we will explore her listenership with her husband james monroe and with her successor catherine adams. we will see the role she played in the 1824 presidential campaign of her husband don quincy adams in the complex listenership with her mother-in- law, former first lady abigail adams. we will include your comments and questions by phone and by twitter. >> during the weekly question time on wednesday, british prime minister david cameron answered questions mostly on the british economy. specifically on budget reform, childcare benefit, and performs to the national health service
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this is just over 30 minutes. >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> number one, mr. speaker. businessorning, i had with ministerial colleagues and others and i shall have further such meetings later today. time minister the believes there is an alternative to his double debt and his loss of a aaa credit rating. is he aware that some in his cabinet believe there is an alternative for him? >> what this government is delivering is a million private sector jobs, the fastest rate of job creation in this country's history and banged on the debt by 25%. we have cut immigration by a third. we have a long road to travel, but we are going in the right direction. i'm sure that the prime
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minister will wish to add his condolences to the family and friends of christina at ken's who was murdered on a path to school in my constituency last thursday morning. the government is right to introduce minimum custodial substances for people convicted of threatening someone with a knife. but with the premise or agree with me that it is time to introduce a legal assumption that people carrying a knife and intend to use it and should attract a prison sentence so that we can redouble our efforts to rid our communities of the scourge of knives? i think my friend space for the whole house and the whole entry for his revulsion at this really horrific crime. the whole house i know would wish to join me in sending our since you -- our sincere condolences. we do take knife crime very seriously. that is why we have changed the
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loss of that any adult who commits a crime with a knife can be expected to be sent to prison. for a serious offense, they should expect a very long sentence. i will happily look at what he suggests. and i know the justice secretary is currently reviewing the powers available to the courts to deal with knife possession and he will bring forth her puzzles in due course. view onght of his alcohol pricing, is there anything he could organize in avebury? -- inter]-- in a blu-ray a brewery? >> i would like to organize a party to celebrate the shadow chancellor should say for a very long time on the front bench.
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tell usviously couldn't about his policy on alcohol. that hethe reality is has just been overruled by the home secretary on this one. now let's turn to another thing that the prime minister said we can't trust. in his speech last thursday he said, "the independent office of budget responsibility are absolutely clear that the deficit reduction plan is not responsible for low growth." this is not what they say and will he acknowledge that today? >> returning to his earlier interesting thing about british politics right now is i've got the top team i want and he's got the top team that i want, too. long may they continue. now on the issue of the office of budget responsibility, the
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point of the obra is that it is independent and everyone should accept everything that it says and i do. but we should look at what it says about why growth has turned out to be lower than it forecast. it said this. we concluded from an examination of the data that the impact of external financial shocks deteriorating export markets and financial sector and eurozone faculties were the more likely explanations. that is what they said. the shadowair to chancellor, in his own press release, he said that the obr has yet to be persuaded if i have to tell him, his plan of more spending and more borrowing and more debt, the country will never he persuaded. >> the prime minister's clearly living in a fantasy life. he wants us to believe that the head of the office it -- the head of the officer budget responsibility wrote in an open agreed withthey
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him. actually, what he said in the letter is that we believe that fiscal consolidation may have reduced economic growth over the past couple of years and and yesterday, mr. speaker, we learned that industrial production is at the lowest level for 20 years. that set alarm bells ringing for everyone else in this country. why not for the prime minister? thate first point is manufacturing declined as a share of our gdp faster under the government of which he was a member than at any time since the industrial revolution. that is what happened, the decimation of the manufacturing industry under 10 years of a labor government. office offrom the budget response ability and i accept everything that they say. do so from the institute of fiscal studies that says that are under labor would be 200 billion higher. does he accept that forecast?
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a it is good to see for second that he is getting into practice for opposition, mr. speaker. he has nothing to say about industrial production. he had nothing to say about what is happening in industrial reduction. but his own business secretary, the guy who was supposed to be in charge of these issues, is going in charge -- going around telling anyone that the land isn't working. this is what he says. we are now in a position where the economy is not growing in the where it had been expected. he goes on. we don't want to be japan with a decade of no growth. mr. speaker, when his own business secretary calls to change growth, is he speaking for the government? >> we are now producing more cars in this country than we have at any time in our history. exports to all the key markets and times of goods, like india, china, brazil, all increasing very rapidly. none of these things happened
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under a labour government when they trashed our economy, racked up a debt and bankrupt the country. when it comes to capital spending, i think we should spend more money on capital. that is why we are spending 10 billion more than the lands of the government of which he is a member. i think we should be using the strength of the government alice she to encourage private sector capital and that is why, for the first time in his history, the treasury is providing those guarantees. the fact is he wrecked the economy and put in place lansford capital cuts and we're investing in the country's infrastructure and >> nevermind car production. it's taxies with that arm. things are so bad they sent out [indiscernible]to say she had full confidence in the prime minister. "support froms large arts of his party.
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maybe he has even got support from a large part of his cabinet and i'm not sure. and just a week from the budget, the home secretary goes out making speeches of the economy. and then she gets told off by jockeyingen secretary for position. it's not just the country that is not confident in the chancellor and has economic land. it is the whole cabinet. >> the weakness in his argument is that my party has unanimous support for his leadership -- as long as he keeps the shadow chancellor and >> order. it is discourteous for members to gesticulate. >> where is the argument on welfare? he has no argument the welfare.
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he has no argument on the deficit. where are his plans for getting the economy moving? he has nothing to say. that is what is happening under his leadership, absolutely nothing about the debt, debt, and more debt. he is absolutely hopeless good today's exchanges have shown it. they have an economic policy that is failing summit trimester that makes it up as he goes along, government that is falling apart, and all the time, it's the country that is paying the price. six questions, not a single positive suggestion for how to get on top of the deficit. not a single suggestion for how to deal with the massive welfare. not a single suggestion for how to improve standards in our schools. but mr. speaker, i do know what he has been doing over these last months. because i have been --
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>> order. this answer must be heard. >> i have here a copy of his diary and i know what he has been up to. these are the dinners that he has held to raise money from the trade unions in the last few weeks. as door, asgnb, left, they you emma 2.7 million pounds. dinosaur after dinosaur, dinner after dinner, they pay the money. they get the politics, but the country will end up paying the price. thank you, mr. speaker. it is national apprenticeship week. businesses are now offering apprentices. we are becoming an official apprenticeship hub. will the prime minister join me in praising all the businesses taking up apprenticeship?
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all the great young people that will see a positive future for our great nation? >> i will certainly join my honorable friend on what he says about national apprenticeship week. it is an important moment in our country can over the last two and a half years, we see a live -- we see a million people start apprenticeship can i think this is very important for our country. what i want to see is a new normal where we recognize people in the schools who should be they're going to university are taking part in apprenticeship and that is the agenda and ambition for our young people in this country. thatn't it the case [indiscernible]given this discouraging marriage, shouldn't they be axing this cruel and symbolic [indiscernible]>> let
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me say once again that it is only the labor re: that can call welfare reform a tax. andxes when you earn money the government takes away some of your money. all this is a basic issue of fairness. there is not a spare room subsidy for people in private rental accommodations in receipt of housing benefits. so we should ask why is there a ?pare room subsidy this government is putting it right. the youth led digital increasing cutting machine. tomorrow, nestlé opened the brand-new's date of the mark -- state-of-the-art plant. does my right honorable friend agree with me that these significant investments show that this government is making written well-equipped to win the global race. >> i think my honorable friend is absolutely right. i do see investment taking
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place by large multinational companies like nestlé who recognize now we have one of those come additive tax systems anywhere else in the world. kpmg recently reported that come in just two years, we have gone from having one of the least competitive corporate taxes in the world to having one of the most competitive. what has changed is the arrival of this chancellor and this government that has put right the mess made by the labor. >> order. question five. >> i am proud to be leading the and that -- the united nations level in 2015. in my view, we should put the thengest emphasis on attempt to banish extreme poverty in the world. it should come first and foremost. i also hope that come in replacing and enhancing the millennium dome and goals, can come up for the first time, and look at what i call the golden threads that help people and
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countries out of hardy, which includes good government, lack of corruption, the presence of law and order, justice and the rule of law. these things can make a real difference. not expect to hear myself saying this, but can i commend the prime minister on the work he is doing on the panel and seeking to hold to the international development budget at a moment when we are asking people this weekend to give generously through comic relief. can he identify one group of people who were not included in the linear development gold, who are often excluded from society and educated -- and education, which are the severely handicapped people who are in severe poverty. >> he makes a very good point about helping disabled people across the world. we should make sure that the framework we look up properly
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includes the people he says. on the wider issue of the budget, i know it's contentious. i know it's difficult to i believe we should break a promise we made to the poorest people in our world. and i would also say, to those who have their doubts come of course, there is a strong moral case for a budget, but there is also a national security case. it is remarkable that broken countries, countries affected by conflict, they have not met a single millennium goal between them. by helping to mend these entries, often by security work and aid work am i we can help them. >> in 1997, there were no excess deaths at staffordshire hospital. it was an until 2002 that there were 20 excess deaths. labor health secretary after liver health secretary did nothing. in total, 1197 excess deaths
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occurred. some of them were asians who died in their own feces -- some of them were patients who died in their own feces good it therlines the fact that claim to be the greatest party for the nhs is the biggest lie. >> i would ask the prime minister to dare in mind what is his responsibility and a brief answer. >> my responsibility is to risk on properly for the francis report. it's important to remember that it is this government that set up a proper independent inquiry into the disgraces that happened there. everyone has to learn their lessons, including ministers in the government opposite from what went wrong. what i think we should listen to francis when he says we should not seek scapegoats. is and anyd to do culture of complacency. i love our nhs.
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they are a fantastic art are but in too many parts, we do see and we need tos i deal with them. >> in two weeks, we will be 15 years on from the signing of the good friday agreement. there are significant charges on delivering potential commitments. does the prime minister agree that there must be renewed urgency in progressing these outstanding issues? cases for outlined both governments as joint custodians of the repayment? >> it is again too long. >> thank you for the question and her very construction -- very constructive work in north ireland. i think there is a work
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we had a good set of meetings this week. but i the greatest possible responsibility lies with the institutions. it is great they are working and the agreement is bedded down. that all ofsay those involved in the assembly to put away the complex of the aston work on a shared future for the people of northern ireland, start to take down the segregation, the exact a people apart in northern ireland, find the savings in those things and invest in bid future for everyone in northern ireland. sorry, i look forward to visiting soon. i very much enjoyed my recent visit to derbyshire when i went to the toyota factory as many of my constituents were. i'm sure i will be back there, too.
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i know my friend is quite really taking a proactive role in leading trade -- leading trade missions to india and other countries. does he agree that the small manufacturing companies should also begin a chance to play their part in driving britain's exports to emerging markets like india, china, and the rest? >> my honorable friend is absolutely right. we have improved our performance in terms of exports of goods to these key emerging markets. but the real challenge is to get the sme's exporting. would create many jobs and a lot of investment at the same time. i have led trade missions to every single g 20 country, part from argentina. i look forward to doing more. >> they will be replaced by
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reveille owned clinics without and out services. some of those leading the closure program of already pocketed 2.6 million a for the ownership of those services. don't you think personal financial gain should be bar them and others from >> i don't think he is right in any part of his question. the first point i make is that the nhs in northwest london will be getting 3.6 billion pounds this year, 100 billion pounds more than the year before. under this government, we are increasing the investment. , hechanges he talked about would consider whether the changes are in the best interest of patients. that is the right process to follow. >> the prime minister will be aware of the contribution to the british economy made by the inbound tourism industry in this country.
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does he therefore share my concern is expressed by the tourism alliance that changes to visas are likely to suppress the number of visitors, particularly coming from brazil. what do we do to ensure that the border agency is not a growth suppressant to the uk? consider some of these border issues and decided not to push visas on brazilian nationals. we want to work with the brazilians and make sure that we enhance port security. but in defense of the home office, the times and in terms of processing these visas has been a great improvement there and we are looking a number of steps to make sure we attract tourist from the fastest growing market, including china and elsewhere. >> does the prime minister accept that we face a triple they -- triple whammy -- average family has lost over
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1600 rounds in support. does he also accepted any measure he may announce next week to help with the cost of childcare will be small remedy to a crisis of his own making? >> i don't except with the honorable lady says. it is this government that extended the number of hours to three and four-year-olds that is the firstoduced for time, childcare payments for vulnerable two years -- two euros. those working minimum wage full- time have seen the tax bill cut in half and she wants to put people off a major step forward for we will be helping people who work hard and want to do this at -- do the right thing and one childcare. i think it will be welcome. global rate, not just with our own economy, but with countries like brazil and russia and india and china, head of the budget next week, can you tell the house what he has made
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and where we are likely to finish in that race if we abandon our deficit reduction policy and rely on some of money as the opposite party recommends? importantthe most reasons for continuing to get our deficit down is that it's absolutely essential to have those low loan rates that are essential for business owners and homeowners. we would have more spending, more borrowing, more debt come exactly the things that got us into that mess in the first place very >> -- in the first place. >> the rising price of petrol and diesel at the pump, which is set to rise to record levels in the very near future, is causing real problems to work as this u.s., including the cost of living. we know what the premise are and the government have artie done. can he assure the house today about further action to actually
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bring agile and diesel prices ,own to help heart is motorists families and industry? i would say is that petrol and diesel prices aren't 10 p a leader lower than they would have been if we had stuck to the absolutely toxic when that was put in place by the party opposite in so we are doing everything we can to help people at the cost of living. is why we are legislating to get a bow on the lowest gas or electricity carry, -- to get everybody on the lowest gas or electricity carrier. the prime minister is right. this government has a good record, but the rising price of fuel is causing real problems.
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will the chancellor be able to announce and set timber >> specialible] conditions to help find what is a very major aspect. people in his constituency do not have a choice but to use a car and we have to respect that > .> i had a letter this week i thought people might enjoy it. it's from ed who lives in camden can it says -- in camden.
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it says i am a millionaire and i .ive in a $2 million house i worry that if i some my house and i buy another one, i will have to pay these seven percent stamp duty that the wicked tories have introduced get away talked about fairness, we never made the rich pay more. what should a champagne sap like me do? >> i'm sure he shares my view tot they do a fantastic job communicate more effectively using technical aid. what guarantees can the prime minister give for augmentative ascents jus as dense as is curre
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case for everyone who could benefit to do so? >> i am very grateful to my honorable friend for raising this issue. or has donece incredible work for people with disabilities over many years and they are making the most of the extraordinary changes in technology. when i visited them recently, we visited a whole group of ways that we can make sure the nhs is making these things available to more people and i am very committed to working with him and the center to ensure that happens. >> prime minister, you gave a promise to protect and defend the defense budget in its entirety. but you didn't. will you notr, guarantee that there will be -- >> order. the honorable gentleman


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